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CLE & CPE Manuscripts

Attorneys Title is GREEN by offering our manuscripts in electronic format.

2017 North Carolina Legislative Update

by David P. Ferrell, Attorney at Law

2017 nc legislative update.pdf — PDF document, 8430 kB (8632427 bytes)

Stories of Renewal and Recovery

North Carolina Lawyers Assistance Program

2017 Stories of Recovery NCLAP.pdf — PDF document, 2677 kB (2741886 bytes)

Best Practices 2.5

by Kimberly Rosenberg, President, Attorneys Title

2017 Best Practices KBR.pdf — PDF document, 297 kB (305044 bytes)

A Primer on the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act (NCUPOAA)

by Cheryl Jones, Title Counsel and Branch Manager, Western District

A Primer on the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act.pdf — PDF document, 746 kB (763960 bytes)

Keeping Your Clients and Your Trust Account Safe

by Bryan D. Rosenberg, CFO, Attorneys Title

Keeping Your Clients and Your Trust Account Safe.pdf — PDF document, 2119 kB (2169988 bytes)

Here's Your

by Cheryl Jones, Title Counsel, Western District

Here's Your CJ.pdf — PDF document, 608 kB (623392 bytes)

Powers of Attorney and Real Estate Transactions

by Benjamin V. Ipock, Title Counsel

Powers of Attorney and Real Estate Transactions 2017.BVI.pdf — PDF document, 674 kB (690803 bytes)

The Price We Pay As Professional Problem Solvers

North Carolina Lawyers Assistance Program

The Price We Pay As Professional Problem Solvers.pdf — PDF document, 3574 kB (3660595 bytes)

Easements, Implied or Otherwise

by W. Paul Lewis, Title Counsel

Easements Implied or Otherwise 2017 WPL.pdf — PDF document, 1165 kB (1193520 bytes)

2016 Legislative Update

Kimberly B. Rosenberg, Attorneys Title

2016 Legislative Update KBR final.pdf — PDF document, 556 kB (569709 bytes)

50 Ways to Lose Your Home

Bryan Rosenberg, Bryan Rosenberg Consulting LLC

50 Ways to Lose Your Home.Bryan Rosenberg 07 2016.pdf — PDF document, 759 kB (778126 bytes)

Trust Accounting

by Peter G. Bolac, North Carolina State Bar Trust Accounting Compliance Counsel

2016 Trust Accounting.BOLAC.pdf — PDF document, 2678 kB (2743280 bytes)

Decedent's Estates and Guardianships

by Gregory D. Henshaw, Attorneys Title

Decedents Estates and Guardianships HENSHAW.pdf — PDF document, 170 kB (174977 bytes)

Spousal Transfers Upon Death

by W. Paul Lewis, Attorneys Title

Spousal Transfers Upon Death LEWIS.pdf — PDF document, 133 kB (136523 bytes)

The New ALTA / NSPS Survey Standards

by Benjamin V. Ipock, Attorneys Title

ALTA NSPS Presentation IPOCK.pdf — PDF document, 469 kB (480300 bytes)

Title Claims Workshop

Natasha Branch, State Claims Manager/Title Counsel, Fidelity National Title

Title Claims and Underwriting Workshop.pdf — PDF document, 186 kB (191415 bytes)

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